Remote temperature monitoring in RVs with Pets

Remote temperature monitoring in RVs with Pets

Recreational vehicles are used in a lot of different ways. Some people use them for camping and travelling, while others use them for affordable living. In most cases, people keep pets onboard their RVs if they use them often.

How to Keep Your Pet Safe in an RV

You must make sure certain precautions are taken whenever you keep pets inside of an RV for extended periods of time. Do not assume that RVs will stay cooler than regular cars on a hot sunny day. If you don’t have adequate ventilation or air conditioning in your RV, then your pets could suffer a heat stroke just as easily as they could in a car that has the windows up, and no A/C turned on.

The bigger risk here is that pets will likely spend more time in an RV than they would inside of a car. For this reason, remote temperature monitoring is crucial to have for your RV. You can use a device like the Proteus AMBIO Wireless Temperature/Humidity Sensor to detect changes to the temperature and humidity inside your RV.

Monitoring Pets in an RV is Easy

All you need is a free electrical outlet. Simply plug the sensor into the outlet, and that is it. As soon as the temperature or humidity changes by as little as 3%, the sensor will send a notification to your smartphone via a Wi-Fi internet connection. In the case of your pets, you’ll know if the temperature is comfortable enough for them inside your RV no matter where you are.

This type of remote temperature monitoring is considered “smart technology.” If you have other smart technology in your RV, then you could possibly adjust the temperature remotely too. Smart fans and smart A/Cs are just a few of the newest smart technologies which can help you adjust the temperature of virtually any indoor environment.

Monitor RV Temperature Through a Temperature Sensor

If you plan to leave your pets alone inside of an RV for a long time, then you should use the Proteus AMBIO temperature sensor in conjunction with another smart device that controls temperature. That way, you can monitor the temperature closely and make adjustments to the temperature whenever you’re notified of a drastic temperature change that could endanger your pets.