Proteus M5 - Pro Motion Sensor

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The Proteus M5 Pro Motion Sensor works in the background to monitor your building at all times and alert you of any activity. The M5 Pro Motion Sensor gives you comprehensive and constant security over entry points inside or around your business with a small, simple and easy-to-use device.

With programmable alerts to your phone or email account, or alerts to other staff members, you can see any entry or exit at any time. The sensor can be placed around exterior doors or interior doors, including emergency exits or main doors, office rooms, conference rooms and many more.

Order the Proteus M5 Pro Motion Sensor to place at any vulnerable area or area you wish to monitor.

• Professional ethernet based motion sensors for office spaces, data centers, hospitals, conference rooms, warehouses, and more.
• Sensors designed to detect people. Minimal to no false alarms
• Can alert when there is "Movement" or if there is "No Movement" for programmable time intervals.
• Send alerts to one or multiple emails/ phones.
• Activate/ turn off/ schedule for specific time of days, weekends
• Seamless connectivity to your network through ethernet LAN cable.
• Option to support power over ethernet (POE)
• Quick and Easy Setup, Outstanding support by phone and email.

Technical specifications Specs

  • High performance PIR motion detector sensor with alerts via email and text messages.
  • Configure to send alerts when motion is detected, or when NO MOTION is detected for a programmable time period.
  • Improved sensitivity with minimal or no false alarms.
  • Extremely configurable. Set time of day, and days of week schedules
  • Access data with any standard Browser on your PC/ smart phone.
  • Standalone operation. No PC required except for setup
  • Connects to your network via ethernet

Advanced Enterprise Features

  • Hardware support for additional sensors
  • Hardware options for Power Over Ethernet (PoE).
  • Custom Configurable SMTP Settings for your own Email Servers.
  • Push to Cloud Feature enables automatic data logging to remote servers, Apps, and Processing.
  • Data available in XML, JSON formats, Supports SNMP v2c

Add-on sensor options

  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Door / contact sensor switch

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