Proteus DX - Pro Door/ Contact Sensor

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The Proteus DX Pro Door and Contact Sensor monitors passive objects like doors and windows as well as cabinets and cupboard, and relays this information via text or email. With cloud compatibility, the full schedule of activity can also be saved and used at any time.

The DX sensor can be installed around nearly any passive object in minutes. With Ethernet connectivity and the ability to integrate with enterprise software, the DX sensor blends seamlessly with the current technology you use. Information can then easily be transferred into database format to give you more information for future planning.

Order the Proteus DX Pro Door and Contact Sensor to keep your building organized and secure at all times.

o Know when doors or contacts are opened/ closed and get alerts by email or text message.
o Works on doors, windows, cupboards, contact inputs from external sources like machines, relays, and more.
o Seamless connectivity to your home/ office network through ethernet
o Easy setup and configuration, Outstanding support via phone and email.


Proteus DX Pro contact detection sensor can monitor passive objects like doors, windows, and cabinets, or make/ break contact inputs from other sources, and send you alert messages when they are opened (or closed - user configurable), to your email or smart phone.

Advanced Enterprise Features

  • Email, Text message notifications to one or multiple addresses/ phone numbers
  • Hardware support for additional sensors
  • Optional Power Over Ethernet (PoE) support
  • Custom configurable SMTP Settings for your own email servers.
  • Push to cloud feature enables remote data logging, Apps, and Processing.
  • SNMP v2c support
  • Integrate with enterprise level monitoring software, or create your own. Data available as XML, JSON or SNMP.
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