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Smart Sensors for Your Home

It is important to monitor your home, office and premises for dangers involving water, humidity and security. An accident or emergency can happen at any time, which is why Proteus Sensor is proud to bring customers friendly technology to keep families safe. Across our online store, you'll discover compact Wi-Fi sensors that detect flooding, home break-ins and more to prevent unwanted damage, property loss and costly repairs.

No one looks out for your residential or commercial space like Proteus Sensor. Bring your home or office into the modern era with devices that give you peace of mind.

Please read about each sensor below or click on the specific product to read more about its features and capabilities. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding a specific product, or how they can all be paired together.

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Flood and Water/Liquid Level Sensors

Is your basement or bathroom prone to flooding? The Proteus Aquo Wi-Fi Water Sensor is an ideal solution for leaking pipes and runoff. Simply plug the technology into an outlet to receive notifications any time water levels rise above 1/16".

Whether you're home or not, the Proteus Aquo is equipped with an audible buzzer to notify family members when water is present. Notifications are sent to your smartphone, tablet or laptop via your home network.

For exact liquid level alerts, consider placing an order for the L5 Sump Pump Water Sensor. This technology is perfect for pools, jacuzzis and water tanks with a float switch detector that senses when levels exceed or drop below preset limits.

Temperature and Humidity Smart Home Sensors

Setting up the Proteus AMBIO Wireless Sensor allows you to gauge temperature and humidity readings across the house. Protect personal belongings and delicate storage areas using devices that install in just minutes. Orders arrive with a 12' probe extension for measuring fluctuations in attics, bedrooms, garages and beyond.

Wi-Fi Motion Sensors

Keep a close watch on activity in the home with the M5 Wi-Fi Motion Sensor. This product senses both movement and stillness with sensitivity adjustments for accuracy. You can monitor vacation homes, office buildings and workshops to assure your investments are safe from thieves and unexpected visitors.

Door and Window Home Sensors

Know exactly when fixtures are open or shut using the Proteus DX Door Sensor. This technology increases security at home and work with attachments that mount inside windows, cabinets and entry points. Set delay times and default options based on your applications.

How Do Proteus Smart Home Sensors Work?

Proteus Sensor technology installs into your home or business through a standard outlet and Wi-Fi connectivity. Specialized detectors and extension accessories communicate with the main module, which relays messages to our cloud server. As soon as your home sensor encounters certain conditions, you are notified through a mobile device of your choice.

Your device arrives with the correct sensor for immediate use. Customers can discover more about what is included with each smart home module by clicking on any of our listings.

Smart Sensors and Accessories

Several of our products ship with probes and contact attachments that trigger the plugin module. Units such as the Proteus Aquo, L5 Liquid Level Sensor and Proteus DX come with extension cables for your unique setup. Our modules allow you to link up to five different trigger inputs for monitoring multiple areas of your residential or commercial space.

In the event that your home sensors will stretch between rooms, our 25' extension cables interlock for your convenience.

24/7/365 Monitoring and Custom Alerts

Proteus Sensor puts you in control of your home or business with the ability to monitor locations 24/7/365. Our smart sensors continuously sync with the digital cloud to let you access stats, conditions and any risks involving your property. Proteus designs cater to your schedule with the option to set monitoring time slots for consistency throughout the week.

Wi-Fi technology from Proteus Sensor can alert you using an audible noise, text message, email or phone call.

Why Choose Proteus Sensor?

Proteus aims to be your trusted partner in smart, affordable and flexible home automation tasks. Our Wi-Fi sensors will help you monitor your locations 24/7 no matter where you are. We pride ourselves on easy setups, and there is no need to be a tech expert. We give you instant alerts and notifications when the power or internet is down.

Enjoy excellent customer service and a one-year warranty when you choose Proteus for smart home sensors. If you have questions about any of our technology, give us a call or fill out a contact form today!