Snappr - Ultra Compact Motion Sensor with picture alerts.

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Super Slick Wireless Wi-Fi motion detector Camera with Email/ Text alerts. Works with Door sensor/ flood detector options.

  • Ultra compact Smart Camera with Motion Detection and Email/ SMS alerts for Home, and Office spaces.

  • Options for Day time Camera, or Infrared Night Vision Camera.

  • Option to program timed autoShoots at regular intervals.

  • Option to trigger camera with Door Sensor, or Flood sensor.

  • Smart Processing algorithms with minimal or no false alarms.

  • With Camera, get pictures on your phone/ email when motion is detected.

  • Extremely configurable. Time of day, day of week, and Even time delay to click pictures after motion is detected.

  • Seamless connectivity to your home/ office WiFi

  • Super Quick and Easy Setup from your smartphone or PC browser


Proteus Snappr detects movements and sends you alert messages along with snap shots to your inbox or smart phone. Snappr connects to your home or office Wi-Fi . You can configure your sensor to send alerts, timed auto shots, and daily reports.

Email/ SMS Picture Alerts

Snappr has built in email feature that will send you alerts to your inbox or smart phone when the sensors are triggered. You can also get daily reports from the device.

Pro Network Feature

The pro network feature lets you push data from the Snappr to a remote server. This is useful if you plan to log data in addition to getting alerts. Sensor data is pushed as a HTTP POST Request. Simply create a script that accepts the post data and logs onto a database or writes to a file, and set this file as the target file on the server settings page of the device. It also supports SNMP, and configurable SMTP settings

Mounting/ Power supply options

Snappr, unless specified otherwise, is powered by a small120-240V AC wall adaptor. Simply plugin to a standard wall outlet and you are good to go.

  • Default option includes an external power adaptor with USB cable. This is ideal if you want to place the sensor away from the AC Socket.
  • Integrated Pedestal mount with external power adaptor via USB cable. This is ideal if you want to tilt position the sensor on a table, or mount on the wall.
  • An Integrated version is also available, where the power adaptor is mounted on the back of the sensor. Plugs right into AC Socket. Camera is not Tiltable with this option

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