Rope Water Sensor Cable

Rope Style water sensor for use with AQUO, AQUO-PRO Models. Comes in 2 pieces, Sensing cable and non sensing cable with mating connectors. This cable connects to the base unit using 3.5mm stereo jack which comes with the cable. Please read description on compatibility.
Rope Water Sensor Cable
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Difference between rope and spot water sensor

A spot water sensor detects water when water touches the two metal contacts at the end of the cable. This is ideal if possible locations of leaks can be identified such as lowest spot where water would flow to, so you can place the sensor there.

A rope sensor ,on the other hand, can detect water along the length of its cable. This covers larger area and is suitable when there is no single spot you can pin point as to water would flow to. Rope sensor comes in two pieces. The sensing cable is the section that actually detects water. You place this on the floor where you wish to monitor. A non sensing cable will connect the sensor cable to the base unit which will be plugged into a wall outlet.


If you are ordering rope sensors by themselves to be used with a Proteus home or PRO unit, please check with support to make sure the cable will work with the unit you have. Additionally there is a wiring difference between home series wifi sensors and PRO models. Please indicate the model you have in your order. If you are not sure, please contact support to find this information

Tech Specs

  • Basic Rope Style Sensor

    • For warning of flooding.
    • Detects any conductive liquid
    • Minimum puddle: 0.06" (1.5 mm) diameter.
    • Material: PVC twisted pair with stainless 316 elements
    • Water sensor cable cannot be in contact with any conductive surfaces or overlap on itself

  • Plenum Style Rope Sensor

    • For warning of flooding.
    • Detects any conductive liquid
    • Minimum puddle: 0.6" (15 mm) diameter.
    • Detects liquid depth >0.1" (2.5 mm).
    • Plenum rating: CL2P (UL)
    • Regulatory approvals: CE, RoHS

  • Chemical Detection Sensor

    • For detecting the presence of chemical liquid.
    • Reliably senses acids, bases, and other conductive liquids.
    • Minimum puddle: 0.6" (15 mm) diameter.
    • Detects liquid depth >0.1" (2.5 mm).
    • Chemical resistant – cable functions normally after seven-day exposure to:
      • Fresh deionized water
      • Tap water
      • Sulfuric acid (98%)
      • Sulfuric acid (50%)
      • Hydrochloric acid (37%)
      • Sodium hydroxide (10%)
      • Ethylene glycol (60% in DI water)
      • Aqua regia


If you are ordering add-on cables along with a base unit, appropriate splitter (2 or 5 way) will be automatically included with your shipment. Select splitter only if you already got your base unit and you are ordering just the cables


Due to custom length/ configuration requirements, please expect 1-2 days before the item is shipped.

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