Temperature Sensor Interface RT32-XE

Connect your RTD Temperature sensors to internet and monitor temperature changes. Set safe levels and get alerts by text, email when sensors cross thresholds.
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  • Food processing
  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Industrial process control

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RT32-Xe is an IoT Interface designed to work with new and legacy RTD type temperature sensors. Sensors are not included with this interface

Tech Specs

  • Smart Sensor Interface to bring intelligent internet connectivity to your new or existing 2-wire PT100/ PT1000 temperature sensors
  • 0.25 °C resolution, 1% accuracy
  • Powerful Web Server Built-in. Access data with any standard Browser on your PC/ smart phone.
  • Connects to your network via ethernet
  • Compatible with any 10/100 Mbps network
  • Set high and low threshold settings for each sensor, and configure your alerts.
  • Supports API calls with sensor data output in XML, JSON formats.

Sensor Types

  • RT32 Interface is designed to work with most standard RTD type temperature sensors. Sensor not included.

    • Supports 2 wire PT100, PT1000 type RTDs
    • Selectable 3.3V/ 5V/ 12V DC Voltage available on terminal block
    • Web based calibration and fine tuning interface for field adjustments if needed.
    • Centigrade, Fahrenheit units available

Alerts/ Notification methods

  • Email, Email-to-SMS
  • Built-in Buzzer for local audible alarm

Add ON Sensor options

  • Magnetic Contact Switch Input

GSM Support

RT32-XE can be ordered with GSM cellular support. Please note that SIM card / Subscription is not included. It is with the user to get a compatible sim card and service. Contact us if you have questions.

Built-in Relay option

RT32-XE can be ordered with built-in relay functionality. This is a form C relay with a Normally open and normally closed lead available via terminal blocks. This low power relay can handle upto 170 mA.


The RT32-Xe connects to your network through Ethernet. They are easily installed and configured in less than 15 minutes via the integrated web interface.


Along with powerful products, we offer superior customer support.

  • Simple and Easy to follow user manuals.
  • Application Notes addressing case specific issues. This is updated on a regular basis
  • Direct Support. Got a question, don't hesitate to drop us a line, or call us.
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