Proteus RC - WiFi Cloud Interface with email/ text alerts for relay contacts

The Proteus RC Wi-Fi contact sensor with text and audible alerts lets you monitor your own switch/ contact/ relay inputs through the cloud. . The sensor detects when contact points are opened or closed and alerts you immediately or remotely of changes.

• Know when contact/ relay is opened/ closed and get alerts by email or text message.
• Make easy connections with Screw Terminal Connector Interface. A 25 ft cable is included for extension purposes.
• Set alerts to be sent any time of day, or only during specific times of day and week.
• Know when alarm resets (Contact back to normal state).
• Select Normally Closed or Normally Open state as default. Alarm when this state changes.
• Add custom delay times before alarm is tripped.
• Local audible buzzer beeps when sensor is triggered.
• Buzzer can be turned on or off, or programmed to turn off after few minutes automatically
• Compatible with most open/ close relay contacts. Please ensure there is no AC/ DC voltage on the relay contact terminals.
• 802.11b/g WiFi provides seamless connectivity to your home/ office network
• Easy to set up from your smartphone or PC browser

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Bring your own Switches to the Cloud!

Proteus RC Wi-Fi interface lets you connect and monitor your own custom switches or relay contacts to the cloud. A terminal Block is included for easy connection between your switch/ relay contacts and the sensor. Your relay contacts connect to the terminal block. The terminal block plugs in directly to the stereo input port on the base unit, or you can use the 25ft male-to-female extension cord to add more reach for the terminal block. Monitor your custom applications, and sends you alert messages when they are opened (or closed - user configurable), to your email or smart phone. Proteus RC sensor comes with 802.11g Wifi and connects to your home or office Wi-Fi networks .


Proteus RC is able to connect to most make/ break relay contacts and switches. Please note that if your relay contact or switch has voltage more than 3Volt DC present, IT will damage the base unit. Please do not connect relay contacts if you suspect the relay has DC/ AC voltage on them.

Loud Audible buzzer, Email/ text message alerts

Simply enter your email address, and Proteus will send you alerts to your inbox or smart phone when the sensors are triggered. For quick notification, a loud audible buzzer alarm is built-in.

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