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Proteus builds smart, reactive Wi-Fi motion sensors for your home and your office. Affordable, easy to install, connected to your devices and working anywhere in or around your home or business, Proteus sensors give you optimal convenience. Wi-Fi water sensors, Wi-Fi motion detectors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors and more allow you to control your home and business environment at all times. You can see when anyone is entering or leaving your home, know immediately when water leaks occur, know when doors are open or shut or when there is no movement in an area. When it comes to mobile management of your home or business, Wi-Fi sensors allow you to maintain complete control without interrupting your everyday activities. Though you can't be in multiple places at once, you can place motion sensors wherever you need an extra pair of eyes.

Wi-Fi motion sensors, water sensors and other sensors connected directly to your phone or email account. When movement or conditions trigger the sensor, you will automatically receive a text or email alert, according to the settings you specify. The sensors can also send text or email alerts to more than one account, including the home or business owner's phone or email, a manager's account, employee, a spouse, neighbor, house sitter or any other person you specify. You and your coworkers, friends or family will receive immediate alerts when something is amiss, so you can take action quickly. When you set a motion detector by a door or window, you will receive an alert anytime someone passes through. Water sensors and flood sensors can also be set in basements, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas at risk for flooding. The sensor will detect water at the first sign and send you an alert right away. Sensors on doors, windows or even cupboards can also be used to make sure a door is open or shut. With the sensors in place, you will always know that your home or business is secure, and you will be notified immediately if it isn't.

Water level and flood sensors use the same notification system with different sensors to detect the presence of water or leaking. Water damage is one of the most common and expensive insurance claims made annually on residences and homes. Water damage can happen so quickly and so quietly that often they go unnoticed until it is too late and the damage has been done. Wherever you place your flood sensor, your sensor will be on constant guard and will send you an alert if water is detected. You can then find the leak and stop it before serious damage occurs. Water sensors can be used in basements where flooding is a serious risk, as well as bathrooms where toilets or tubs may leak, kitchens where dishwashers leak, or around old windows or doors and more. A water level sensor can be placed in the sump basin to detect when water levels are too high, preventing flooding on another level.

Proteus motion sensors, water sensors and other sensors are built to reject false alarms and hone in on the movement or conditions that concern you. With specific programming options, you can set the sensor to alert you only if something is amiss. Motion sensors can be set to alert you in cases of movement or cases of extended inactivity. When setting for activity, you can program the sensor to alert you only during certain hours, so you do not receive unnecessary alerts when family members are at home or during business hours. Setting alerts for inactivity are useful for preventing accidents in the homes of elderly family members or to make sure your business is operating properly. When you specify alerts, you can program the sensor to ignore activity or inactivity during specific times of the day, and turn on only when the extra protection is required. If you are placing your sensor at a door or window that is not in use and should not be opened, you can set the sensor to operate during all hours of the day, providing 24/7 protection.

Motion sensors, doors sensors, water sensors and more can be used virtually anywhere; simply plug the sensor in to a regular outlet using the adapter or extendable cord, program the sensor to give you alerts when and where you want them, and let the sensor do the rest. With charging capacity through a regular outlet, there is no need to replace batteries and no risk of losing alerts due to battery loss. You can simply set the sensor and forget about it. The sensor will constantly monitor the premises, watching for intruders, accidents, leaks, floods and more.

Proteus builds sensors for both homes and businesses, with varying levels of precision and operational features. You can find the simple and easy motion sensor you need for extra security around your home or find a professional grade water level, temperature or humidity sensor for your business. Shop online now and order any sensor to place at your home or business.