Quick 'n Easy Setup

Quick 'n Easy Setup

Simple Interface

Our Sensors are packed with features yet they are simple and easy to setup. Connect to your home or office network, Enter your email address, Save settings.

Email/ Text alerts

Email/ Text alerts

On to your inbox/ smart phone

Email and text alerts let you know when the sensors are triggered. Motion, Door, flood sensors, with loud audible buzzer. Pick yours Today!

We Ship Worldwide

We Ship Worldwide

DHL, Fedex, UPS

International customer? No problem. We ship worldwide. Add to cart and see your options.

Proteus AQUO.

Wifi Water Sensor.

Protect your home and office spaces from water leaks and costly damages. Supports spot and rope style water sensor options.

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Proteus AMBIO.

Temperature & Humidity Monitor. And CO2.

Proteus AMBIO makes it easy to monitor temperature, humidity, and Carbon Dioxide. set thresholds and get notified when alarms are tripped. Monitor from anywhere and get live data and historic graphs.

  • Temperature Only.
  • Temperature + Humidity
  • Temperature + Humidity + CO2

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Proteus L5.

Sump pump/ Tank Water Level Monitor.

Now, with advanced laser precision depth sensor, Easily monitor water or liquid levels in tanks, sewers, sump pumps and more. Normally Low, normally high modes. Get notified when normal level is breached.

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Amazon Alexa.

Get Notifications on Amazon Alexa/ Echo.

Configure your sensor to push notifications to your Amazon Alexa devices. Echo will light up with an audible alert to indicate new notifications. Simply ask 'Alexa, read my notifications' and Alexa will read it out for you.

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Connect to and control your smart devices.

With smart webhooks, you can connect to and control your current IFTTT supported devices when an alarm is triggered. Or when the alarm resets.

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Beyond Alerts.

Post critical notifications to #Slack.

Connect Proteus alerts with Slack, post notifications directly to specific channels. Using Zapier? webhooks let you connect to Zapier and trigger your own Zaps too!

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Cloud Convenience.

Many Sensors. One Dashboard.

You can connect multiple sensors to the same cloud account. View data, update settings, monitor alarms all from the same dashboard.

Dashboard also features a one touch alarm toggle button to easily turn notifications on or off.

Proteus App.


Need an app? You got it. Don't want an app? There is none.

Proteus cloud comes with an intuitive responsive design. You can save the cloud as an app on your phone. If you do not want apps, open a browser and access our cloud. You will not notice a difference.

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Automate it yourself with

Home Assistant.

Integrate Proteus to your Home Assistant server using REST API method.

You can also configure Proteus to connect to a HA webhook end point to have complete local operation.

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Proteus builds smart connected sensors for your home and your office. Affordable, easy to install, connected to your devices and working anywhere in or around your home or business, Proteus sensors give you optimal convenience. Wi-Fi water sensors, Wi-Fi motion detectors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors and more allow you to control your home and business environment at all times. You can see when anyone is entering or leaving your home, know immediately when water leaks occur, know when doors are open or shut or when there is no movement in an area. When it comes to mobile management of your home or business, Wi-Fi sensors allow you to maintain complete control without interrupting your everyday activities. Though you can't be in multiple places at once, you can place our sensors wherever you need an extra pair of eyes.