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Proteus AMBIO - Wireless Temperature/ Humidity Sensor

The Proteus AMBIO wireless temperature and humidity sensor allows you to maintain strict control over your environment. With programmable text or email alerts and audible alerts, you can immediately see or hear when the environment is outside the set parameters. For goods that must be stored under certain conditions, the AMBIO temperature and humidity sensor allows you to maintain strict control even when you are away.

The AMBIO wireless sensor detects changes in temperature and humidity as small as three percent, up to -40 degrees and up to 257 degrees. Installation is easy and takes just a few minutes.

Order a temperature or humidity sensor for your home or business and keep the environment secure.

• Temperature / Humidity sensors for ambient monitoring.
• 802.11b/g WiFi provides seamless connectivity to your home/ office network
• Easy to change settings, view live data and alarm logs from your smartphone or PC
• Send alert emails and text messages to multiple emails and phones.
• Optional Voice Call alerts to multiple phones.
• Month long data logs, with options for extended data storage.
• Audible alert immediately notifies of any sensor reading fluctuations to alert local personal.
• Smart audible alert can be turned on, off or even programmed to turn off after few minutes

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Proteus AMBIO Wireless sensors monitor temperature and humidity, and sends you alert email/ text messages to your inbox or smart phone. AMBIO supports 802.11b/g Wifi and connects to your home or office Wi-Fi networks . Easily configure your sensor to send alerts.

Sensor Length

By default, the sensor probe is ~3 inch long. But you can get optional extension cables. This extension probe is a male to female cable that goes between the probe and the base unit.

Temperature Sensor specifications

  • Sensor Range -40 - +125°C (-40 - +257°F)
  • Sensor Accuracy +/-0.5°C

Humidity Sensor specifications

  • Sensor Accuracy +/-3%
  • Sensor Range 0 to 100% RH

Audible,Email, Text Alerts

AMBIO sends alerts to your inbox or smart phone when sensors are triggered. An audible buzzer notifies nearby personal of any sensor threshold violations.

Power supply

All proteus sensors, unless specified otherwise, are powered directly from a 120-240V AC wall outlet. Simply plugin the sensor to a standard wall outlet and you are good to go.

Additional Info

Additional Info

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