Gifts for Homeowners

Gifts for Homeowners

Your friends or family members just bought a new house — but what housewarming gift should you get them to make them feel welcome in their new living space? Consider their circumstances or their personalities to figure out what they might want. For some inspiration, here are some suggestions for gifts for new homeowners. 

Things to Consider When Gifting a Homeowner

When deciding on a gift for a new homeowner, there are a lot of things to consider. It this their first home? Or have they bought a home before? Did they move within their town, or come from out of town? Here are some tips to consider for each type of homeowner:

  • New homeowner: A new homeowner might have only rented before buying a new property. What might they need now that they own a home instead of renting? Tools will come in handy, since they will likely be doing more projects around the house. They might be more worried about protecting their assets. In that case, you should consider getting them a device that can help them monitor their property.
  • Seasoned homeowner: If they owned a home before, you might think they don't need any gifts. You should still get them a new home gift, especially if they invite you to a housewarming party. Consider their new home compared to the one they sold. If they upsized, they might need more cleaning supplies. They might need an extra vacuum if they move into a house with an additional level. If they have more bathrooms than their previous living space, get them extra hand towels.
  • Homeowners who moved from out of town: If they moved from out of state, they might have had to pay to ship their belongings. They may have left bigger or non-essential items behind. Maybe buy them some cleaning supplies or small appliances they might need. You could also gift them with an item that reminds them of their previous home or town.

The Best Housewarming Gifts

If your friend or neighbor invites you to their new house, get them a housewarming gift they'll love. Here are some ideas for housewarming gifts to inspire you:

1. Decorative Gifts

succulents for homeowners

Decorative items are an essential part of making new homeowners feel at home. You can be part of their home with a unique picture or a colorful plant. These items are also safe but good gifts for a new neighbor:

  • Candle: A scented candle sets the mood of any living space. A fruity candle may energize you, while a lavender candle can help you fall asleep. If the new homeowners are moving from another state, buy them a candle reminiscent of their old home.
  • A custom painting of their house: You can get a picture of their home painted on a canvas. This idea is a unique gift for new homeowners. Even if they eventually move out of their new house, they'll always have a reminder of their first property.
  • Bird feeder: A bird feeder is both decorative and practical. They can feed the birds with a uniquely shaped container. The birds that visit will be part of the decoration of the new home.
  • Framed map: You could get a framed map of their previous location or of the city where they live now. Either way, a framed map will touch their hearts and remind them of how far they've come.
  • Plants: Fresh plants can provide both beauty and health for a new home. Colorful flowers can brighten up a house, especially if the new homeowners are still unpacking. Succulents and other plants can also provide better air circulation in the home.

2. Cleaning/Practical Gifts

Cleaning products are gifts that all people can appreciate. Whether they are artsy or techy, they'll need to clean their house at some point:

  • Carpet cleaner: If their old apartment had all hardwood floors, they might not have any products for cleaning carpet. Carpeting can hold dust and other allergens. You can get them an eco-friendly carpet cleaner to remove allergens from the carpet and improve air quality.
  • Pet spot cleaner: Get your animal-loving friends a cleaning product for their pets. A pet spot cleaner can remove pet stains and animal dander from floors and upholstery. It can also get rid of odors from wet dogs and other unpleasant smells.
  • Vacuum: New homeowners of a two-level home need an easy way to clean their living space. You can vacuum any floor surface, providing relief for people with allergies.
  • New showerhead: If the homeowners don't want a full bathroom renovation, they can upgrade their bathroom with a new showerhead. Buy them a handheld showerhead to make showering more accessible.
  • Cleaning supplies: Gift the homeowners with an all-purpose cleaning spray. You can even get decorative dish towels that serve as both decorative items and drying agents.
  • Tools: Buy the new homeowners a tool kit filled with everything they need to repair their property. You could buy standard tools, like a screwdriver or a wrench. You could also buy appliances that are unique to their hobbies, like woodworking or fixing cars.

3. Miscellaneous Gifts

These items will help the new homeowners get through their move. They'll appreciate the thought you put into these simple gifts:

  • Bottle of wine or alcohol: Buying a house and moving can be stressful. Give the new homeowners a bottle of wine to help celebrate this milestone in their lives. You could even customize the label with a picture of their house and their last name. 
  • Subscription box service: You can invest in the new homeowners' first piece of mail they receive. Buy them a home cooking kit to help them start their culinary journey. 

4. Tech Gifts

motion sensor

Bring their new home into the digital age with smart technology. The new homeowners can enjoy any of these cool gadgets:

  • Streaming device: Help the new homeowners save money on cable by giving them a streaming device. A Firestick or Google Chromecast provides access to plenty of movies and TV shows.
  • Personal assistant: Google Home or Amazon Alexa can help them keep track of their to-do list. They can connect an Amazon Echo to their home's devices to notify them of any alarming activity.
  • Smart home device: You can make any home a smart home with a couple of fun gadgets. Smart thermometers or alarm systems can connect to the new homeowners' phones. They can set a comfortable temperature or check up on their living space anywhere they have WiFi.
  • Water sensor: A water sensor can protect their new property from flooding. It connects to WiFi and alerts the homeowners of dangerous levels of water inside the home. It comes with a built-in siren that will also notify anyone in the local area.
  • Motion sensor: Along with a water sensor, you should also get them a motion sensor. This device detects any motion that takes place in a room. The homeowners can set up an alert for when they're out of the home.

Gift a New Homeowner With a Water or Motion Sensor From Proteus

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