Smart Cloud - For your Smart Sensors

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Introducing our cloud service. A new hosted service that lets you log data from your sensors. Access data anywhere from the internet. Even better, the cloud now supports email, SMS and phone call alerts. Cloud support comes as part of the Pro Network Feature on all Proteus Sensors

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Access from anywhere

Data on the cloud

Push data from your sensors directly to the cloud. Thanks to world class data centers, your data is accessible from anywhere on the internet, any time.

Smart Notifications

Get alerts your way

Proteus Cloud supports notifications by email, SMS and phone calls. Select your preferences and pay as you go.

Friendly interface

Designed for you

With all the power on the backend, Proteus Cloud has an extremely user-friendly interface. Few simple steps and you are all set.



Key features



  • Cloud logging feature is available as part of the pro network option
  • Easy setup procedure
  • Logs sensor data as well as alarm information on the cloud



  • Simple user interface with sensor lists and data tables
  • Easily add/ delete sensors from your list



  • Get notifications by Email, SMS and Voice Call
  • You can select all or any of the notification options
  • Supports separate numbers for Call and SMS alerts



  • Cloud Data Storage is available free of charge.
  • Email Notifications are available free of charge.
  • SMS and Voice Call Notifications are charged on a per notification basis, and depends on the locale.