Water Leak Damage and Smart Ways to Prevent Them

Water Leak Damage and Smart Ways to Prevent Them

The worst time for water damage is the absence of an owner. Some of the main causes of water damage are frozen pipes, broken washing pipes, leaking supply lines and leaking water heaters. 

Water damage is the main cause that weakens the foundations of your home and the core that holds your home together. You have heard of the nuclear energy of your body. Well, water damage affects the nuclear energy of your home and eventually causes serious structural damage. Wet wood invites termites and wood ants; It also causes mold and fungus.

Avoiding water damage is much cheaper than paying for repairs. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid water damage to your home. Here are three simple water damage prevention tips:

Close the Main Water Valves

The easiest way to avoid water damage is to close the water at the main valve. This controls the water entering your home. Therefore, make sure everyone in your home knows where you are in an emergency. If you have never closed the main water valve, be sure to test it by opening the tap before leaving.

Look at Your Appliances

check your appliances

If you are unable to shut off the main water supply due to an automatic sprinkler or someone who takes care of the house or a pet and needs water, close the valves of all the main equipment. The dishwasher, ice maker and washing machine have switches or valves that can be changed. Don't forget the bathroom or the sink: it has a simple shut-off valve. Losses often occur here.

Verify Your Supply Line

If you have a plastic feeder, you must switch to stainless steel. Plastic pipes break easily and can break during their absence. This is usually less than $ 20 to replace. Do not wait until you go on vacation to verify. Simply take a flashlight and see what type of cable is in your device.

Check Your Gutter

 check your gutters

Look for sticks, debris and leaves that may clog and overflow or overflow. Clean the gutters for safety reasons. Also, make sure that the entire pipeline leaves about 3 meters from the house. Otherwise, you want to add the extension to the nozzle. When it rains, hundreds of liters of water can flood near your home.

Pay Attention to the Temperature

If you live in freezing temperatures, make sure your home has an antifreeze tap. Even if you have this, it is a good idea to close the main water valve or the power line for safety. Many pipes that break in winter are outside the building. Therefore, remove all pipes connected to the pipe. Do not turn the heater 60 degrees, even when it is dead, otherwise the tube will freeze and break.

Be Careful with Automatic Shut Off

There are many high-tech sanitary devices on the market that detect and resolve leaks in the home. Discover the latest devices that can save you in an emergency and in the store. There are also smart devices that can find out if you left town.

Pay Attention to Good Drainage

Why it matters: poor drainage weakens your foundations and causes cracks, irregular deposits and drains that enter your home.

How does it work?

  • Clean the gutter regularly. Clogged gutters direct waterfalls to the sides of the house and damage the walls and foundations.
  • Make sure your liquor is 5-10 feet from your home.
  • Make sure your garden is inclined at least 6 inches to more than 10 feet from its base. This slope prevents water from flowing down just next to the foundation, where it can cause the walls to lean back, break walls and cause leaks. (If water is prevented from crawling, make sure that excess water does not accumulate under the floor, creating moisture conditions that cause mold, rot and insects).
  • But don't let the earth dry too much. A long period of drought causes the soil around the house to dry and shrink. Heavy rains can cause the floor to expand and put pressure on the foundations. In dry conditions, slide the drip tube at least 6 inches from the base and 3 inches below the floor to prevent the floor from contracting and expanding.

 Contact Proteus Sensors for More Ways to Protect Your Home

There are only so many things that you can do to prevent a water leak. Sometimes, leaks are inevitable even with the right precautionary measures in place. Proteus Sensor offers affordable sensors that can send you text, email or call you when it detects a water leak in your home. Our sensors work in all areas of the home, for multiple types of leaks. Contact us to learn more about preventing water damage.