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Proteus L5 Wi Fi Liquid level / Sump pump water sensor

Protect your home or business from flooding conditions with the Proteus L5 Wi-Fi liquid level sensor. If the liquid level reaches past a specified point, you will receive an automatic alert so you can take action.

The sensor works day and night and gives you immediate updates to your phone or email, so you know right away, wherever you are, if your home is at risk. The liquid level sensor can also be used in other situations, such as a pool or Jacuzzi tub, or any water or liquid tank.

Install a sump pump water sensor to prevent basement flooding and take action before flooding occurs. Order online and install your sensor in minutes.

• Float switch type water sensor for water level monitoring.
• No False Alarms.
• Configure to sense if water rises above, or goes below set level.
• 25Ft extension cable included. Ideal for water tanks, sump pumps, etc.
• Send alerts/ text messages to multiple emails and phone numbers.
• Seamless connectivity to your home/ office WiFi
• Super Quick and Easy Setup from your smartphone or PC browser

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Proteus L5 sensor monitors water level and sends you alert messages to your email or smart phone. Best suited for water tanks, basement sump pump pits.

Loud Audible buzzer, Email/ text message alerts

Simply enter your email address, and Proteus will send you alerts to your inbox or smart phone when the sensors are triggered. For quick notification, a loud audible buzzer alarm is built-in.

What is the difference between Proteus AQUO and Proteus L5 Level Sensor?

Proteus AQUO has a sensor cable with metallic electrodes at the end of the cable. When water touches these two electrodes at the same time, the alarm is triggered. AQUO can detect as low as 1/16" of water

Proteus L5 sump pump level sensor uses a float switch detector. The moving float switch rises/ falls as water level rises and this mechanical action triggers the alarm. As there are no exposed electrodes, the chances of condensation in high humidity spots such as sump pits are minimized, thereby avoiding false alerts.

Power supply

All proteus sensors, unless specified otherwise, are powered directly from a 120-240V AC wall outlet. Simply plugin the sensor to a standard wall outlet and you are good to go.

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