Insurance Benefits from Home Automation

Insurance Benefits from Home Automation

The advent of technology has impacted our daily life in various ways and one of such ways is the Internet of Things (IoT). As one of the branches of IoT, home automation offers the possibility of automating our residences. With the aid of home automation, we can now control the features, appliances, and activities in our homes automatically, remotely and electronically. Whether you want to control the water system, ensure convenience by adjusting the temperature, secure your home with door sensors, or switch off the lighting at a particular time, home automation makes everything possible.

Apart from convenience, safety, comfort, peace of mind and other obvious benefits, home automation comes with certain insurance benefits. In fact, insurance companies encourage people to embrace home automation. Of course, there are a few reasons behind this.

Home Automation Reduces Risk

Foremost, home automation improves the safety of your home. This is mainly due to its several features such as securing entrance into the homes through automated door sensors, providing an opportunity for effective home monitoring, and preventing fire risks. For instance, if there is a flood at your home while you are away, home automation allows you to receive a notification on your smartphone wherever you are. You can also use the smart flood sensor to stop the water supply and ensure that the incident is prevented. With this, there will be no damage and no need to make any claims.

This is not limited to only water incident, home automation can also lower the risk of break-ins, fire, theft, and other disasters. In any case, the improved safety will lower the incidence of claims. This indicates that the chances of the insurance companies paying the claims reduce due to home automation. The majority of insurance companies will offer you some discounts if you can show proof that your home has smart home technology.

Home Automation Reduces Premium

According to the Electronic Security Association, if you install an alarm system in your residence, insurance companies can lower your insurance by as much as 20%. If deadbolt locks are installed in your home, you can get a discount of about 5%. As indicated by CustomerReports, the installation of a home burglar system can equally reduce your premium by as much as 5%. Fire alarms, smoke detectors or full fire detection systems can give you some discounts on insurance as well. Therefore, home automation will improve the security of your home and also help you save a lot of money on your premium.

In addition to the aforementioned security system, you can increase your savings on insurance by installing more third-party security devices. The more security devices you install in your residence, the more secure your home is. This will make the insurance companies consider offering you discounts on your insurance premium. A few of the devices you can also consider include fire extinguishers, temperature scanners, and sprinkler systems.

In a nutshell, both the homeowners and insurance companies can gain immensely from home automation as it lowers the risk of security problems and incidents of claims. Therefore, it is worthwhile to embrace this technological advancement.

Purchase Home Automation and Security Equipment to Reduce Your Insurance and Risk

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