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  1. How to Connect Your Driveway Alarm to Get Email, Text or Call Notifications

    There is no dearth of brilliant tech products available in the market today to solve your day-to-day problems. Some offer built-in cloud connectivity and alert capabilities, while many do not. In this day and age, getting notified on your smart phone or emails when things happen is a must have feature. For those devices that lack this feature, Read more...
  2. Remote temperature monitoring in RVs with Pets

    Remote temperature monitoring in RVs with Pets Recreational vehicles are used in a lot of different ways. Some people use them for camping and travelling, while others use them for affordable living. In most cases, people keep pets onboard their RVs if they use them often. How to Keep Your Pet Safe in an RV You must make sure certain precautions are taken whenever you keep pets inside of an Read more...

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